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 18 Springs is a center for the healing arts located in Winston-Salem, N.C..  We offer classes, community events, and therapies that help individuals move out of pain and into connection.  Our goal is to support you in deepening your spirituality, body awareness, and sense of belonging in nature and in community.


We believe that a learned sense of separation is at the root of much of our physical and psychological suffering.  When we learn to  access more body-connected ways of knowing, we discover a sense of belonging in nature that is essential to our well being.  When we take the time to connect with others in community, we discover how to belong to one another.


Our teachers draw on ancient practices such as yoga, taiji, mindfulness meditation, indigenous teachings, as well as touch and energy based healing systems.  They integrate these with  the learning that comes from their own internal work.

Healing Ourselves = Healing Our Communities = Healing the Earth