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Continuum Workshop


An embodiment exploration;

dissolving patterns of conditioning and opening sensory awareness for fresh perceiving.


with Rebecca Lawson, MA, R-DMT, Continuum Teacher

Saturday, April 25th, 2020

10 AM – 4:30 PM

Thoughts, feelings, movements, and sensations - all happen within the terrain of one’s physicality.  Developing the ability to listen to the body’s intelligence fosters self-knowing, creative becoming

and choice making. 


The journey is simple and vast simultaneously.  Every cell in your body is sorting, selecting, rejecting and communicating in countless exchanges of information based on past experience and current circumstances. The practice of Continuum can help you understand the body's way of knowing and draw from its well of insight and ingenuity to freshly meet the world and oneself.  When responding to our cultural conditioning and the inevitable challenges of living, we often act to protect ourselves via systemic tightening.   We solidify our bodies, create patterns, and establish armoring, all of which result in a body structure with compression and density.  The consequences of these patterns influence our capacity to resonate with others and ourselves.  


We are therefore, cut off from the wisdom of our bodies. We live in a dynamic world that begs for adjustment, variability and adaptive capabilities. The process of Continuum uses sounds and attention to dissolve our protective strategies (often somatic) and enter a larger field of communication with life.  Our alignment with the evolving living process is enhanced, resulting in more adaptability, nourishment, ease, acceptance, and love.  No experience necessary.    

Fee:  $100

The 18 Springs Scholarship Fund is available for this class.  Please inquire with Rebecca if interested in receiving an application.

Register: Rebecca.amislawson@gmail.com,  (919) 932-7548  www.evolvingtherapies.com


What is Continuum?

Continuum is a portal into a deeper awareness of, and connection to, embodiment, movement, learning, growth, well-being, and creativity. Attention to internal experience through breath, sound, meditative awareness and fluid movement expands our experience of embodiment and opens us to new possibilities of inhabiting our bodies and expressing ourselves through them.











Rebecca Lawson

weaves her love of exploratory consciousness with 40 years of extensive somatic trainings, dance profession, psychological mindedness and teaching. She facilitates discoveries that are revelatory, expressive, and creative.  Learn more about Rebecca here.