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Our Bodies, Our Phones

with Marcia Plevin,  psychologist, dance movement therapist BC- DMT


December 14th



Scholarships available.


One of the biggest challenges for human beings in the digital age is to maintain a positive and healthy body/mind relationship between ourselves and our cell-phone.  It is, for many of us, a fairly constant relationship;

in a bag, in a pocket, in our hands, in front of our eyes, in our ears.  While digital media has the extraordinary capacity to inform, entertain, socially connect with others all over the world, we can, on the other hand, lose the creative capacity of daydreaming, letting the mind wander, or to hear a sound in the environment that calls us to respond.  In this workshop, will explore various facets of living in/out of balance with the cell phone through creative movement, music, dance, silence and  sharing our experiences.








Marcia Plevin

is a modern dancer, choreographer, modern dance teacher, psychologist and dance movement therapist ( BC-DMT) who has lived and worked in Italy since 1986.  She has been on the modern dance faculty of N. Carolina School of the Arts, the Accademia Nazionale di Danza Rome and chairperson of the dance department of Southern Methodist University, Dallas. In 1993 she co-founded the Association of Creative Movement ( CM) method Garcia -Plevin® in Rome. CM training is presently being taught in Rome, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Inspirees Institute,Beijing, China. A member of the faculty of Authentic Movement Circles of Four, she is also on the editorial board of CAET ( Creative Arts in Education and Therapy- Eastern and Western perspectives.  And...she's lots of fun.

To Register, contact Sydney Hughes-McGee at bodyandearth18@gmail.com or Trish Casey at caseyt@uncsa.edu.

Scholarship applicants, contact Sydney.