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Dismantling Racism Training 

Saturday and Sunday

January 25-26th 



Join Michelle Johnson and Tema Okun for a two-day Dismantling Racism Training designed to raise consciousness, shift paradigms and transform behavior.

Build relationships

Establish a shared language and understanding of concepts including white supremacy, equity, inclusion, oppression, privilege; intersectionality and internalization.

Provide a framework about personal, cultural, and institutional racism, a history of the race construct


Learn to risist the construct of race and take action from your particular social location and identity.

The workshop will include embodied contemplative practices to bring us into our feelings, journaling and self-reflection, race-based caucusing, and small and large group discussions.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring any snacks that nourish you and bring a journal.

We will have a 45 minute lunch break each day.

Cost Sliding Scale:


Register HERE

Scholarships are available through the 18 Springs Scholarship Fund. Please contact Michelle if you are in need of a scholarship or want more information.