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Race Equity Training

for Non-Profit Leaders and Professionals 

Thursday December 5th 1:30-5:00pm



Many are seeking services from non-profits in an effort to survive the current political climate. Policies are being put in place that inhibit peoples ability to truly be free and it is important for non-profits to engage in a practice of creating equitable, inclusive and liberatory spaces. This workshop is designed for non-profit professionals and leaders whom are interested in learning about how to create more equitable and just work spaces and services, with the particular

goals of:

  • Creating shared language and framework

  • Increasing diversity, equity, access and inclusion in your organization

  • Building relationships with other non-profits in the area

This workshop includes small group discussion, paired shares and large group dialogue.

Register HERE.

Scholarships are available. If you are interested in a scholarship please contact Michelle Johnson.