Lucinda Brogden

is an organizational consultant and shamanic practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the field of energy healing.  Her journey began when she was in her thirties, when she was faced with the loss of multiple family member and close friends. The struggles of navigating chronic grief led her to Native American elders, teachers, and healers, first in upstate NY and then Colorado; where she learned the ways of the Earth and the healing power of Nature. In the mid 90’s she discovered the path of her heart, when she first met healers from the high Andes of Peru. She continues to work directly with them today, incorporating their knowledge and practice into her teaching and workshops, individual consultations, and healing work.

In her healing practice, Lucinda combines the ancient wisdom form indigenous cultures with coaching and contemporary practice in energy medicine. She is dedicated to helping people grow into the fullness of their being, through a reconnection with higher guidance, clearing that which no longer serves them, and rediscovering the path of the soul. She is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body School (certified Energetic Practitioner, 2003), and the World in Balance 4 Year Program (certified Katasee Practitioner, 2007).

Lucinda can be reached at: 336-245-2677 or

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