Weekly Breathing Practice

with Sydney Hughes-McGee

Thursday Mornings

9:00-10:00 am


Pranayama ratio practices are breathing practices that use counting to control the ratio between time spent in inhalation, retention (pause after inhalation), exhalation and suspension (pause after exhalation.)  Different ratios have different effects.  Ratio practices have profound benefit to our nervous systems, the functioning of our organs, the regulation of our emotions, and the cultivation of a calm mind.  They are a very effective way to prepare the mind for seated meditation practice. 

In this class we will practice in this order:  breath centered asana (gentle yoga postures), pranayama ratio practice, and then sitting in silence. We will be following the ancient yoga tradition of using asana to prepare the body for pranayama to prepare the mind for meditation.


We will be working with 3 types of ratios in  alternate classes- langhana, brahmana, and samana.  Langhana practices are calming for the nervous system (benefitting sleep, digestion and cultivating a receptive mind.)  Brahmana practices build and store vital energy.  They create a sharp mind and prepare you for action.  Samana practices help you feel balanced, stable and practical.  As you practice you will develop more sensitivity to where you are at and what you need.  You will be provided with practices you can do at home.


Highly recommended for anyone wanting to go deeper in their yoga/meditation practice.  Some say that learning to lead the breath is like befriending a wild animal- it takes patience and care but the rewards are great! 

Fee Schedule

18.00 drop-in

25.00/2 class pass for new students

65.00/4 class pass

115.00/8 class pass

150.00/12 class pass

175.00/16 class pass

          Class passes are good for 4 months and apply to any of Sydney's yoga classes.

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