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Winter Solstice Ceremony

with Susannah Ravenswing

Friday Evening

December 20th

6:30-8:00 PM

As the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice offers a moment when the flow of energy stills before surging outwardly again. Since prehistoric times, people have come together to honor the contemplative energy of the Longest Night and celebrate the sun’s return. Join us in ceremony led by Northern Tradition Shaman Susannah Ravenswing, whose work is rooted in the practices of her Sámi, Norse and Germanic ancestors. As we gather in the fertile dark, we’ll consider what no longer serves our Highest Good, what we have outgrown, and we’ll honor the lessons learned in the past year.  By making space within ourselves and in our lives, we allow new dreams and efforts to germinate, illuminated and nourished by the sun’s return.

Wassail and cookies will be available following the ceremony.

Bring whatever you need to be mindful, comfortable and fully present in the moment.

This ceremony is offered free of charge. Donations to the 18 Springs Scholarship Fund are greatly appreciated.