Susannah Ravenswing 

Since childhood, Susannah has possessed strong intuitive gifts and an exceptional connection with the natural world. She began formal shamanic training in 1989, subsequently studying massage therapy and subtle energy work, and maintaining a private bodywork practice for eight years. After a series of near-death experiences, Susannah committed herself to the shamanic heritage of her Norse, Germanic and Saami ancestors through formal apprenticeship in the Northern Tradition.  

As a specialist shaman, Susannah’s work is grounded in beliefs and practices common to ancient Eurasian peoples, focusing on our relationship with the natural world and the spirits present in everything surrounding us.  Using such traditional tools such as divination, song and ceremony, she provides deep insight for her clients and guides them in discerning and establishing the balance fundamental to Wholeness.


In addition to her work with 18 Springs, she maintains a private practice and can be reached at 336-488-3340 or at

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