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Please join us for a Book Signing!




Friday, January 24th

at 6:30 PM

We are celebrating the publication of local shaman Susannah Ravenswing’s first book,


“Duergarbok: The Dwarves of the Northern Tradition.”

Susannah will speak on her own working relationship with the Duergar, their role in Norse lore, and will read an excerpt from the book.   You will also be treated to a song in their honor!

Germanic and Norse tales and lore are filled with stories of the Duergar or Dwarves, cunning master craftsmen who are the makers of such fabled items as Thor’s mighty hammer and Odin’s magical spear, Gungnir. Susannah offers vibrant stories and practical guidance for those desiring to engage with these Master Makers. In a text rich with accounts from numerous sources, spells, songs and ceremonies, we are invited into a magical world wherein we can learn to more fully express our own creativity.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing by the author.