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Pranayama Ratio


Led by:

Sydney Huges-McGee


What is pranayama ratio?



Both individual sessions and group classes are offered in a variety of modalities including:  


Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Massage Therapy is useful for  relieving soft tissue pain and improving function, increasing relaxation, improving body awareness and sensory integration.  Sessions may include structural and/or energy field assessment to better understand how you are living in your body and how to best support changes that you seek.


Healing through Yoga

Private yoga instruction with a therapeutic intent.  It usually includes designing a yoga practice that you can do at home that meets your particular structural, psychological or spiritual goals. 


Embodiment Process Work

Embodiment Process Work involves listening to and reinhabiting lost places in your bodymind and in your world.  It may include elements of massage and bodywork therapy, presence through touch, energy work, Authentic Movement practice, the creation of a personal yoga practice, yoga based breathing practices (pranayama), work with sound and meaning (mantra), prayer and/or the creation of personal ritual.   It is a co-creative process and is guided by your intention.


Viniyoga Classes

The primary influences in these classes are viniyoga and experiential anatomy.   Sydney's goal in each class is to respond to the needs of the students present.  Classes include study of the living anatomy of muscles, fascia, bones and organs, etc. to increase awareness in postural practice.  Yoga postures are often practiced slowly and are initiated by the breath, creating a meditative experience.  Emphasis is placed on developing the skill of body listening, and the ability to allow the body to lead.   The mood in these classes ranges from meditative and prayerful to silly and irreverant.  Learning from one another is encouraged.  Beginners can join at any time.

 For information about fees for yoga classes go to Sydney's class page.  

Thursday Classes

Yoga for Women of Color


This offering is currently unavailable. 

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