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Warmth Has No Argument With Winter


A two-hour movement workshop

with Temple Crocker


Saturday, December 21st

10AM to 12PM


Moving inward for reflection and restoration is a natural tendency as we enter the winter season.

There is also an inclination to gather with others to nurture the human spirit with fellowship. 


In this workshop we will explore the relationship between stillness and movement, self and collective,

as we generate warmth from within. 


Prepare to move gently and exuberantly. 


Cost: $25.00


After the workshop stay for a while for homemade hot cider and other winter treats!


For more information or to reserve your place in the workshop email 

Temple at templecrocker@gmail.com.





Temple Crocker

is an artist and teacher. She has taught graduate and undergraduate classes in acting, movement and interdisciplinary performance and has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds in her private Alexander Technique practice. Her desire is to support people to be more fully themselves by helping them to live more comfortably, completely and joyfully in their bodies and in the world. 


For over 25 years Temple has created original performances that foster experimentation and collaboration. Her work bridges forms, interweaving elements of theater, dance, installation, music and storytelling. She has performed in formal theater spaces in San Francisco, New York, Massachusetts and Baltimore as well as in barns, yards, warehouses 

and public parks. 


Currently Temple is teaching private Alexander Technique lessons at 18 Springs and as an interventionist for a Wake Forest School of Medicine study, researching the benefits of improvisational movement and social interaction for people with early-stage memory loss and their caregivers.