Wednesday Classes



Led by:

Sydney Hughes-McGee


2nd and 4th Wednesday mornings of each month

Door opens at 7:20.

Facilitated by MJ Alger

Song baths are offered by the Triad Threshold Singers every 2nd Thursday.  On 4th Thursdays the groups sits together in silence.  There is a short period set aside for sharing at the end.

Offered on a donation basis.  Donations go to the 18 Springs Scholarship Fund.

For more information, contact MJ at

sitting meditation 

Wednesday Classes

Embodiment Focused Viniyoga


Led by:

Sydney Hughes-McGee


18.00 drop-in

25.00/2 class pass for new students

65.00/4 class pass

115.00/8 class pass

150.00/12 class pass

175.00/16 class pass

(Class passes are good for 4 months.)

Prerequisites: No


The primary influences in these classes are viniyoga and experiential anatomy.   Sydney's goal in each class is to respond to the needs of the students present.  The Wednesday class emphasizes strength and will explore standing poses. Classes include study of the living anatomy of muscles, fascia, bones and organs, etc., to increase awareness in postural practice. Yoga postures are often practiced slowly and are initiated by the breath, creating a meditative experience.  Emphasis is placed on developing the skill of body listening, and the ability to allow the body to lead. We discover embodiment as a vital sense of connection with our inner life and the world of nature.


The mood in these classes ranges from meditative and prayerful to silly and irreverent.  Learning from one another is encouraged.  We learn a lot from one another. Beginners can join at any time.

Come join us and explore viniyoga practice, experiential anatomy and the pleasure of living in your body.

Wednesday Classes

Thai Chi


Led by:

David Harold


David Harold, M.Div. LCSW

is a 40 year practitioner of Taijiquan and Qigong.   He teaches classes based on the Hunyuan Taiji training system from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, as taught in the US by Dr. Yang Yang (pictured with David above.)  He is a longtime student of Dr. Yang's.  David offers two Taiji classes on Wednesday evenings at 18 Springs.  He also teaches workshops on Peaceable Arts, the application of Taiji and Qigong principles to building a more peaceful life and world.  David is cofounder of Three Treasures Tai Chi in Winston-Salem, a partnership with Sandy Seeber, Alan Graham and Beverly Isley-Landreth.  A full list of Three Treasures classes can be found at


To learn more or to register for a class contact David at or 336 409 7686.


The Hunyuan System

is based on the following four pillars:


  • Meditation:  static standing (power and alignment), sitting (mental clarity, spiritual growth), lying down (healing and injury prevention)


  • Moving Qigong:  coordinating breath, intention, and movement.  (There are many moving qigong exercises.  We will initially focus on just a few, and expand later)


  • Choreographed Form:  proper body mechanics, understanding energies, acting in the world (pushing, pulling, neutralizing)


  • Partner Work:  Partners help test our grounding, teach us to relax and deal with modest stress, provide some resistance to help us use the whole body, and remind us to move from the core, etc. 


This framework has the advantage of being understandable in western terms, and comprising a complete system which can be practiced at a very simple or highly advanced level.  More on this curriculum can be found at Dr. Yang’s website:




Ongoing Wednesday Evening Classes   


5:15-6:30 Intermediate (by permission of instructor)


6:15-7:30  Beginner  (This is an introductory class, suitable for all fitness levels, focused

on Hunyuan Qigong, partner work, and movements from the Chen 48 Taiji form.  The 48 is a beautiful and complex form and learning even a few movements will greatly advance one’s understanding of Taiji.)


From 6:15-6:30 is a meditation period open to both classes.


Fee: $50 per month

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