Wisdom Circle for White People

Confronting Racism and White Privilege







6:30 to 8:00 pm

Join us for our next meeting on December 10th!

We are meeting via Zoom.  If interested in joining us, please

register with Sydney (see below.)

The overall mission of this project is to better the environment for Black, Indigenous and People of Color by providing an avenue for white people to deepen their understanding of racism and white culture.  Tools will be provided that increase white awareness and inform constructive action to better dismantle systems that continue to disrespect and harm BIPOC.  This program will provide education, a format for discussion, as well as meditation practices for transformation.


​Discuss the history of race and racism in the United States.


​Identify cultural conditioning as it pertains to race and racism and the way it operates within our lives in the present.

Work constructively with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, shame, guilt and sadness.


Deepen sensitivity to the dynamics of power that arise in relationships between white people and BIPOC.

Become actively anti-racist.

This group is mentored by Willard Bass of the Institute for Dismantling Racism.

Let us know you are going to be there or to get more information:  contact Sydney at bodyandearth18@gmail.com.

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